In order to participate in our referral scheme on Prolific you must have either a Researcher or Participant account. For participant accounts you can find your referral URL at

If a researcher uses your referral code when they register we will credit your accounts with 10% (5% each) of the value of their first study. e.g. if your colleague runs a study worth £1,000 we will split £100 between you as a bonus. 

If you refer a participant we will credit your account with 10% of the value of their first cashout. E.g. If they earn £50 on Prolific we will credit your account with £5. 

There's a maximum reward of £250 per researcher referral and a maximum of £5 per participant referral.

If you cashout these rewards, they are subject to our usual  cashout rules and fees if applicable.

Please follow our best practice guidelines when promoting the referrals scheme:

  • Don't conceal the fact that you are using a referral link.
  • Don't be spammy in promoting your link.
  • You should not send your link to anyone who has not confirmed to you in advance that they would be happy to receive it.
  • Don't make any false claims, or do anything that might bring Prolific into disrepute.
  • Please feel free to be innovative and creative but in general use common sense. If you are in doubt as to whether something is acceptable please get in touch with us.