How do I get paid?

On Prolific, you get paid via PayPal or Circle.

After you complete your first study, you will need to wait until your submission is approved by the researcher (usually within 1-3 days, sometimes longer). This short waiting period is important to ensure quality control. After 21 days we will auto-approve all submissions for a study, if no action has been taken by the researcher.

Our initial payment threshold is only £5 (with a fee).

Circle: If you want to minimise fees, then wait until you have accumulated £20. By doing so you will avoid fees if you're in the UK/US by cashing out with Circle. Below that amount, Circle cash outs are charged 1% + 10p fee. 

PayPal: Cash outs are charged PayPal's 2.9% + 20p fee. 

To get paid, simply click on the "Cash Out"-button in your participant account. Please be sure to carefully select the right option you want between Circle/Paypal and enter your email correctly, as mistakes can cause hold-ups with your cashout.

If your PayPal/Circle email address is different from the one you signed up with on Prolific, it will be no problem to enter the correct PayPal/Circle email in your participant account.

Usually your payment will be processed via our manual payment run. As we are now processing a very large number of cashouts every week, we need to first carry out internal checks on payouts and set up the right amounts to be transferred, we then make payment runs every Tuesday and Friday afternoon with Circle and Paypal, so you should expect to receive your money by the next Tuesday or Friday after your cashout request.

We now have a new feature which means Participants will be able to cash out instantly via PayPal (not Circle), each time they reach £5 in their account. Please note that this will be enabled for you once:
  • You have made at least 3 cash-outs (with PayPal)
  • You have had your next regular cash-out on a Tuesday or Friday

Occasionally problems occur with payments, if you have not received your payment, please get in touch with us and let us know your participant ID, the amount and date you cashed out, and the Circle/Paypal account you cashed out to, and we will resolve it as quickly as possible.