How do I record the participant IDs?

To ensure anonymity, every participant on Prolific gets a unique Prolific ID assigned. It is very important that you record the participants' Prolific IDs in order to track everyone's contribution and so you can  review participants' submissions after finishing data collection. If you don't track participants' Prolific IDs, it will be very difficult to tell who submitted what, and you may have to pay everyone regardless of the quality of their contribution. 

Importantly, you will only  pay for submissions that you approve. The easiest way to record Prolific IDs is to ask for them as a question during your study, like this: 


Also, see  our demo for more information. 

If your experimental software supports it you can also get the participant ID from a query string.  

You can pass the participant ID at the end of the URL as "?prolific_pid={{%PROLIFIC_PID%}}&session_id={{%SESSION_ID%}}". We'll replace the  {{%PROLIFIC_PID%}} and  {{%SESSION_ID%}} with the values of the participants taking part. 

So, if your base study URL was, insert it into Prolific as "{{%PROLIFIC_PID%}}&session_id={{%SESSION_ID%}}" each participant will visit at unique URL of the form e.g.

See for examples of how to do this with Qualtrics/.

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