How do I add a completion URL at the end of my study?

On Prolific, it is important to add a completion URL to the end of your study (we will provide a unique URL for you). Participants will click this URL to prove that they have completed your study.

There are two ways to add a completion URL in Qualtrics:

A) via "Redirect to a URL" or

B) via a "Custom end of survey message".

Both options work equally well and we describe each of them below. If you do not use Qualtrics, then it is very likely that your survey software offers equivalent solutions to the above options. 

This is how you add a completion URL in Qualtrics via the "Redirect to a URL"-function (option A). 

1. Click on "Survey Options" and then on "Redirect to a URL".

2. Insert the completion URL and save changes. That's it! :-)

This is how you add a completion URL in Qualtrics via the "Custom end of survey message"-function (option B). Difference to option A: Participants are presented with the completion URL and have to click on it (instead of being automatically redirected to it). 

1. Click on "Survey Options" and then on "Custom end of survey message"

 2. Click on "New Message"

3. Type your message and insert the completion URL. Also, enter something into the box "Description", for example "Completion URL" (just so Qualtrics can file this action under a name).

4. Copy your completion URL, then click on the "Insert link"-button and insert your completion URL. It will now become clickable. Click "OK" and "Save Changes". 

5. This is the last page that participants will see:

That's it! :)

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